Frequently Asked Questions



Why donate?

Every donation makes a difference, no matter the amount, and combined with the donations of others, helps to provide tax-free grants* when they are needed most. Below are the testimonials of just a few EAF Grant Recipients who have kindly shared their stories:

“I don't make much, sometimes living paycheck-to-paycheck. Extra expenses like those I endured from the storm caused a great burden until I learned about the grant. Thank you so much. I hope you understand what kind of difference you are making.”

“When we lost our 22-year-old special needs son, Ezekiel, the relief fund was extremely helpful in assisting with Ezekiel's burial expenses as he was never eligible for any type of life insurance policy. The grant allowed us to give him the burial that we wanted.”

“I can’t say enough about the level of gratitude I have. My family has comfort knowing that there are people and organizations that are willing to help. My family can rest a little easier tonight. Though the struggle continues, your support has lifted us up and has provided a much-appreciated boost.”

*Grants are considered tax-free grants for grant recipients who are subject to United States IRS tax regulations. For recipients outside the United States, the tax treatment of grants will differ based on local policies/laws.

Who can donate?

Anyone can donate to the Fund. The Fund relies on support from the sponsoring organization and individual donations made by the sponsoring organization’s partners, employees, and/or the general public. Donations can be made as one-time gifts or recurring periodic contributions.

Are donations tax deductible?

In the United States, all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. EAF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, public, non-profit organization with Tax ID 45-1813056. For questions related to the tax treatment of donations, please contact your local tax professional.

How much of my donation goes toward grants?

Most often, the sponsoring organization covers the cost of all Fund operating expenses. If not, EAF endeavors to keep administrative costs low in order to maximize dollars sent to those in need. Based on our five-year average, 97% of donations are allocated to grant payments, while 3% go to administrative costs. Note that each Fund’s individual percentage of administration costs will differ based on donation contributions, grant size, chosen grant criteria, and program type.

How often do I have to update my payroll deduction contribution?

When you set up a recurring payroll deduction contribution (if available), it will remain in effect until you change or cancel it by submitting a new form via the “Payroll Deduction” button under ‘Make a donation’ or through your company’s defined process.

Will I receive an acknowledgement for my donation?

EAF’s donation acknowledgment process differs depending on the donation method and total donation amount. Please review the following details:

  • Payroll Deduction Donations: Regulations do not require EAF to provide acknowledgements for payroll deduction donations because your end-of-year pay stub is an acceptable form of documentation when filing taxes.
  • Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, or Text to Give Donations: No matter the donation amount or platform, you will receive an acknowledgment via email from (or for Donorbox donations) at the time of your donation, or shortly thereafter. Please be sure to look for the email in any filtered inboxes and spam or junk folders. Also note that, per IRS regulations, an acknowledgement is not required for total donation amounts under US $250 and your account statement is also an acceptable form of documentation when filing taxes.
  • Check, Electronic Transfer/Wire, or Securities Donations: Regulations do not require EAF to provide acknowledgments for check, electronic transfer/wire, or securities donations under US $250 because a canceled check or record of your electronic transfer/wire/securities donation is an acceptable form of documentation when filing taxes. If your total donation amount is over US $250, you will receive a hard copy acknowledgement from EAF, which will be mailed to the address provided with the donation.
For questions related to the tax treatment of donations, please contact your tax professional.


Can donations be directed to a specific individual?

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations do not allow for donations to be earmarked for specific individuals. However, all donations made to the Fund will be used for the intended charitable purpose in aid of the Fund's Charitable Class (those eligible to apply for a grant).

Do I have to contribute to the Fund to be eligible to apply for a grant?

Not at all. Donating to the Fund is completely voluntary and eligibility for assistance is based upon need and qualifying circumstances. In addition, no applicant is entitled to receive a grant based on their history of contributions to the Fund.

How do I change or cancel a recurring donation made through GiveSmart? Please note that GiveSmart may also be referred to as MobileCause.

  • If you wish to cancel a recurring credit/debit card donation made through GiveSmart, please send an email to the Fund's email address with a cancellation request. To make a change to a recurring donation, please email the Fund’s email address to cancel your current donation and then set up a new recurring donation.
  • If you wish to change or cancel a recurring PayPal donation made through GiveSmart, please do so through your PayPal account.